Red Sky is a leadership development and communication consultancy.
Since 2005, Red Sky has been assisting companies gain the most from their people by providing unique and memorable professional development experiences. Our clients gain tangible results through a highly practical and commercial approach.

Leadership and Development
Leadership Development Leadership Development
Communication Skills
Communication Skills Communication Skills
Facilitation Facilitation

What We Do

Leadership Development
Leadership Development Leadership Development

Combining 360° diagnostic tools, group workshops and one-on-one coaching, we assist new, high potential and experienced leaders to create environments in which their teams are motivated to perform at their best.

Communication Skills
Communication Skills Communication Skills

Professional development programs that cover a wide range of communication skills. Red Sky is unique in creating inspiring and memorable experiences that deliver results.

Facilitation Facilitation

A wide range of facilitation services including Strategy sessions, Pitch consulting, Teambuilding activities, MC’ing events and Keynote speeches.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Bespoke leadership development programs which combine group workshops, 360° diagnostic tools and 1-on-1 coaching.

The following is a sample of Leadership Programs Red Sky has developed for clients.

The Core of Leadership:

The Core of Leadership

One of the most critical skills required by leaders is emotional intelligence: the ability to identify what you stand for, control your emotions and understand others in order to manage relationships effectively.

Key Topics:

  • What is EI?
  • The EI Framework
  • Self-Awareness - Core Beliefs and Personal Values
  • Self-Management
  • Applying EI in the workplace

Download the program outline Download the Core of Leadership program outline.

The Adaptable Leader:

The Adaptive Leader

Effective leaders use a range of leadership styles and techniques. They assess a situation and the person or people involved and adapt their style accordingly.

Key Topics:

  • The 6 leadership styles
  • When and how to apply different leadership styles
  • The 6 dimensions of climate
  • Impact of Leadership Styles on climate

Download the program outline Download the Adaptive Leader program outline.

The Engaging Leader:

The Engaging Leader

The days of command and rule are over. You must be able to build strong working relationships with each member of your team. As each person is unique, so too is the relationship you will need to develop with them.

Key Topics:

  • Communication Styles
  • Advanced Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Designing the Work Alliance
  • Performance Agreements
  • Giving Feedback

Download the program outline Download the Engaging Leader program outline.

The Influential Leader:

The Influential Leader

Leaders must be able to create highly persuasive arguments and influence a broad range of people. The subtle skill of influencing requires a deft approach in order to understand and persuade stakeholders.

Key Topics:

  • Qualities of Effective Influencers
  • Decision Making
  • The Value Equation
  • Persuasive Messaging
  • Influence Strategies

Download the program outline Download the Influential Leader program outline.

The Inspiring Leader:

The Inspiring Leader

Leaders need to go beyond presenting in a manner that is logical and professional. To truly inspire their teams and audiences, they also need to be able to appeal to them at the emotional level.

Key Topics:

  • 7 Irrefutable Laws of Presenting
  • Tapping into Emotions
  • Presentations and Feedback
  • Personal Coaching Exercises
  • Confidence and the Power of Self-Talk

Download the program outline Download the Inspiring Leader program outline.

The Change Leader:

The Change Leader

Change impacts everyone within the business. This program provides participants with the skills and tools to develop a case for change and to assist in driving change through the organisation.

Key Topics:

  • Reactions to Change
  • The Change Cycle
  • Change Management Process
  • Developing the Change Strategy
  • Developing and delivering the Change Message

Download the program outline Download the Change Leader program outline.

The Leader as Coach

The Leader as Coach

Coaching has become a critical dimension of leadership. As the trend towards blended learning for staff accelerates, leaders are required to take a greater role in the informal side of learning, most commonly in the form of on-the-job coaching and mentoring.

Key Topics:

  • Qualities of Effective Coaches
  • What is coaching?
  • Coaching Skills
  • Conducting the Coaching Conversation
  • The Feedback Loop

Download the program outline Download the Leader as Coach program outline.

The Innovative Leader:

The Innovative Leader

A recent IBM CEO Global Study identified “creativity” as the most important leadership attribute in an increasingly complex global environment. In this program we unlock the secrets of becoming a leader who can, on their own and by inspiring others, create an environment where innovation thrives.

Key Topics:

  • Leading a creative environment
  • Beyond Brainstorming – creative decision-making tools
  • Empowering team creativity
  • From idea to action
  • Resources for an innovative team

Download the program outline Download the Innovative Leader program outline.

The Generational Leader:

The Generational Leader

Successful leaders have the flexibility to manage across generations. In this program we explore the more nuanced approach required to motivate and get the most out of your Generation Y workforce.


  • Boomers, X’s and Y’s – so what?
  • Working with Y’s
  • The Alliance Conversation
  • Feedback – “Y” and How

Download the program outline Download the Generational Leader program outline.

The Management Toolbox

The Management Toolbox

Our main focus is on building the capability of individuals who are either transitioning from operational roles to people management roles or from managing small to larger teams.

Our approach typically involves the following steps:

  • Meet with program sponsors to understand development objectives in the context of their overall commercial strategy.
  • Design a draft program which comprises a range of modules targeting the development objectives and commercial strategy.
  • Fine tune the content in conjunction with the program sponsors.
  • Conduct the programs, with regular updates with client.

The Management Toolbox is typically conducted over a 12 - 18 month period. The programs are usually held in groups of half-day and one-day modules every 3-4 months.

Please click the links below to view examples of Management Toolboxes that we have completed for two of our clients.

Download example 1 Download sample 1

Download example 2 Download sample 2

Diagnostic Tools:

Our tailored leadership programs are often combined with one or more of our diagnostic tools which we are accredited to implement and debrief.

Emotional & Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) – Hay Group

Emotional & Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) – Hay Group

An ideal tool for measuring and developing personal leadership behaviours. It uses a 360 degree feedback process to assess one’s emotional intelligence (EI) compared to a target group of successful managers and leaders.

It is the only tool endorsed by Daniel Goleman (the author of the well-known book, Emotional Intelligence) and the only one in which he had direct input into the design.


Inventory of Leadership Styles

Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS) – Hay Group

A 360 degree survey that provides leaders with a profile of their leadership styles in six dimensions. It consists of two profiles: the leadership style the leader intends; and the leadership style experienced by the leader’s team members.


Organisational Climate Survey

Organisational Climate Survey (OCS) – Hay Group

A multi-rater survey designed to assess the 6 key climate dimensions. It consists of 2 profiles: the climate the leader experiences (i.e. how they see themselves performing and the atmosphere they create); and the climate the leader’s staff experience (i.e. how they feel about their leader and their environment).


Social Style

Social Style – Tracom Group

A 360 degree survey that generates a description of how others perceive your behaviour across 4 styles – Driver, Expressive, Amiable and Analytical. The profile describes how a person’s behaviour, not personality, is seen by others. This tool is useful for increasing a persons’ self-awareness and improving their ability to quickly build rapport with others.




Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

A psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The questions sort an individual into one of 16 categories by determining their preferences across 4 dichotomies: Extraversion or Intraversion; Sensing or Intuition; Thinking or Feeling; Judging or Perceiving. With the results come increased awareness and understanding as to why we behave the way we do and a chance to make better informed decisions.


Belbin Team Roles

The Inventory assesses how an individual behaves in a team environment.The assessment includes 360-degree feedback from observers as well as evaluation from the individual which paints a detailed picture of how they see themselves and how they are perceived by others. Belbin Team Roles are not equivalent to personality types, the Belbin assessment scores people on how strongly they express behavioural traits from nine different, yet complementary, team roles.


Communication Skills

Communication Skills

High impact development programs that cover key business communication skills.

Communication Essentials:

One of the cornerstones of career success is the ability to communicate effectively. When combined with intellectual ability and technical skills, success usually follows. In this program we provide participants with the fundamentals of effective communication.

Key Topics:

  • Creating the right first impression
  • Building rapport & people reading
  • Communication styles
  • Powerful questions
  • Listening skills

Download the program outline


Dynamic Presentation Skills:

Dynamic Presentation Skills

This program takes some of the fear out of presenting and replaces it with confidence and professionalism. It is designed for team members who have to present more frequently and also for those who wish to develop and fine tune existing skills.

Key Topics:

  • Planning and structuring presentations
  • Delivery skills – eye contact, voice, gestures and movement
  • Audience analysis
  • Using visual aids effectively
  • Managing your nerves

Download the program outline Download the Dynamic Presentation Skills program outline.

Advanced Presentation Skills:

Advanced Presentation Skills

A sophisticated program designed for skilled presenters who are looking to go to the next level in creating and delivering truly memorable business presentations. It is focused on developing the presenter’s ability to inspire the audience using an appropriate balance of rational and emotional motivators and delivery techniques. The program is a unique blend of acting and proven business presentation techniques.

Key Topics:

  • Achieving rational and emotional communication goals
  • Designing motivational communications
  • Exercises designed to match delivery capabilities against achieving emotional goals
  • Personal coaching

Download the program outline Download the Advanced Presentation Skills program outline.

Influencing Skills:

Influencing Skills

In this program we focus on improving one’s ability to connect with and deeply understand the true motivators of their stakeholders. In doing so, they will build stronger relationships and become more effective at achieving their objectives. The program combines persuasive competitive message creation and powerful face-to-face communication skills.

Key Topics:

  • Stakeholder decision-making
  • Framing the recommendation
  • Communication styles & people reading
  • Powerful questions & reflective listening
  • Persuasive message creation

Download the program outline Download the Influencing Skills program outline.

Business Development Skills:

Consultative Selling Skills

The program improves the capability of participants to connect with, and to deeply understand, the true decision-making criteria of clients. In doing so closure rates will improve as will the long-term viability of key relationships.

Key Topics:

  • Managing the client development process
  • Tools for recognising and analysing the core motivators that drive client decision-making
  • Ability to identify the critical differences in buying and selling styles
  • Flexibility to utilise the appropriate selling style to suit a client
  • Devising persuasive information and messages to support the value proposition

Download the program outline Download the Strategic Negotiation Skills program outline.

Strategic Negotiation Skills:

Strategic Negotiation Skills

Combining planning and face-to-face skills, the program is designed to maximise win–win outcomes in complex negotiations. Participants learn how to effectively analyse the negotiation situation and then determine the most effective approach using appropriate strategies, tactics and skills to improve the deal and close it.

Key Topics:

  • Negotiation philosophies
  • Planning for the negotiation
  • Communication skills
  • Developing strategies and approaches
  • Maintaining control

Download the program outline Download the Strategic Negotiation Skills program outline.

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills

Facilitating group sessions and team meetings is critical in the day-to-day management of business. We provide participants with the essential techniques and tools that will enable them to more effectively manage these sessions, while ensuring that the team, not the facilitator, owns the outcome.

Key Topics:

  • Planning a facilitation
  • Building rapport with the group and winning their trust
  • Key communication skills: exploring, listening and recapping
  • Group process & decision making tools
  • Managing group and individual dynamics

Download the program outline Download the Facilitation Skills program outline.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Beyond purely technical skills, the most important factor separating high performing people from average performers is their ability in the area of emotional intelligence. While the words often conjure up notions of warm and fuzzy feelings, research consistently identifies “Emotional Intelligence” as the most important factor in driving success and building and managing relationships.

Key Topics:

  • What is EI?
  • The EI Framework
  • The Core of EI – Self Awareness
  • Applying EI in the workplace – Self Management

Download the program outline Download the Emotional Intelligence program outline.

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

Many people don’t like them, but we occasionally must have them; so how can we make them just that little bit easier and more effective?

Key Topics:

  • Anatomy of a difficult conversation
  • Changing mindsets
  • Key communication skills
  • 5-step approach to difficult conversations

Download the program outline Download the Difficult Conversations program outline.

Time Management

Time Management

In today’s business environment, workloads and expectations have never been higher and can lead to stress and a sense of helplessness. This program addresses some of the most common time management issues and provides simple, practical tools that are immediately useable by anyone.

Key Topics:

  • Common time management issues
  • Circles of concern and influence
  • Individual goal setting
  • Time Management Matrix
  • Assertion

Download the program outline Download the Time Management program outline.

Gen Y – The Pathway to Success

Gen Y - The Pathway to Success

Gen Y is a different kettle of fish; everybody knows it, but not many talk about it. In this session – pitched to the Gen Y contingent – we look at what separates them from previous generational groups and uncover ways to leverage these differences to everyone’s benefit.

Key Topics:

  • Generation WHY?
  • What’s changed?
  • Working with Gen X and older…
  • Plotting your path to success

Download the program outline Download the Geb Y - The Pathway to Success program outline.

The 3 Minute Networker

The 3 minute Networker

The “Networking Event” has become a staple of professional life, but what do you do once you're there? Not much point hanging with your colleagues, you need to meet new people – expand your network. In this fast-paced practical program we’ll show you how.

Key Topics:

  • Making the right first impression
  • Finding a connection
  • Fast rapport
  • Exiting conversations
  • Following up

Download the program outline Download the 3 Minute Networker program outline.

Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills

Now more than ever it’s vital that all communication from an organisation to its stakeholders be precise and of the highest quality. When writing fails it remains visible for all to see and remember.

Key Topics:

  • Making writing fit the audience
  • Different types of professional writing
  • Writing structures
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Download the program outline Download the Business Writing Skills program outline.



A wide range of facilitation services including Strategy sessions, Pitch consulting, Teambuilding, MC’ing events and Keynote speeches.

Strategy Sessions:

Strategy Sessions

A relentless approach to facilitating strategy sessions that drives actionable results. Outcomes include:

  • Buy-in to collective vision
  • Agreement around changes required to achieve aspiration
  • Practical steps to drive the changes
  • Accountability to achieve agreed goals


Click here to discuss how we can design a session for your organisation.

Pitch Consulting:

Pitch Consulting

From Expression of Interest to your team presentation we will apply Red Sky’s proven methodology to assist you in winning high stakes tenders and pitches. Elements include:

  • Go / No go decision
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Theming and key messaging
  • Presentation and Q&A coaching.


Click here to arrange an initial discussion about your upcoming pitch.

Creating the High Performing Team:

Creating the High Performance Team

Our highly practical approach to team development utilizing cutting edge methodology and diagnostic tools will enable your team to achieve a range of outcomes, including:

  • Greater collaboration
  • Breakdown of silos
  • Improved engagement
  • Commitment to clear and actionable next steps


Click here to discuss how we can tailor a session for your team.

Keynote Speeches:

Keynote Speeches

Red Sky consultants are much sought-after keynote speakers for business events and industry functions. Topics include:

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • The Art of the Influencer
  • The Transformational Leader
  • The 7 Irrefutable Laws of Presenting
  • Understanding Your Client – A Guide to Communication Styles

Click here to enquire about a Red Sky speaker for your next function.

MC your Event:

MC Your Event

A Red Sky MC will captivate and entertain your guests, making your event one they will never forget.

Click here to arrange an initial discussion about your upcoming pitch.

Our people

Ernie SchwartzErnie Schwartz
Stewart GilliesStewart Gillies
Tim KirkmanTim Kirkman
Leesa ShannonLeesa Shannon
Geoff MulrayGeoff Mulray
Annette CharakAnnette Charak
Justin O'BrienJustin O'Brien
True BlackTrue Black
(China, Taiwan, SE Asia)
Vijay Bhat
Hank FeigerHank Fieger
(Europe & North America)

Ernie Schwartz

Ernie Schwartz

One of the founders of Red Sky, Ernie works with senior executives and managers in building their leadership capabilities, developing strategy and creating an environment where people can perform at their best. 

Ernie has a unique ability to engage individuals and teams and get to the core of their leadership challenges. He also has the skill to shape his approach to the needs of the person or group.

Drawing on his experience with a wide range of global clients and a background from the diverse worlds of law, politics and acting, Ernie is able to offer clients insights that stimulate thought and produce creative solutions.

He began his professional life in Washington D.C. where he worked with a foreign policy lobby group and on the campaign staff of a candidate for the United States Senate.

Returning to Australia, Ernie worked for 9 years as a lawyer with firms in Melbourne and Sydney, specializing in international business transactions.

Before entering the world of communications and leadership development in 2001, Ernie worked as a professional actor appearing in many stage productions and several feature and short films. As such, he is able to offer clients not only a valuable learning experience, but a memorable one as well.

Ernie is also a much sought after public speaker at conferences and special events where he uses his natural humour and energy to challenge and entertain his audiences.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Melbourne
  • Hay Group Accreditation:
    • Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI)
    • Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS)
    • Organizational Climate Survey (OCS)
  • Belbin® Team Roles - Accredited Practitioner

Stewart Gillies

Stewart Gilles

With a strong background in business and communication, Stewart works with companies and individuals to improve performance and effectiveness in the areas of emotional intelligence, communication skills and influence.

Stewart hails from the UK where he grew up in Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. He came to Australia in 2002 and studied at Monash University where he gained a BSc before starting his professional career with L’Oréal.

At L’Oréal, Stewart initially worked in sales, selling professional products to business owners. He then moved into marketing where he developed strategy and collateral to support the sales team.

Since joining Red Sky in 2007, Stewart has been involved in all aspects of the business including delivering programs, creating innovative content and developing business.

Stewart is the Gen Y representative of Red Sky. When he’s not delivering programs in his energetic style, he’s usually in some corner of the world doing something that few people would ever consider. He recently returned from a 3 month stint of intensive Shaolin Kung Fu training with a 32nd generation master in Northern China.


  • Bachelor of Science, Monash University
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) – Certified Practitioner
  • Belbin® Team Roles - Accredited Practitioner
  • Hay Group Accreditation:
    • Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI)
  • Tracom Accreditation:
    • Social Style™

Tim Kirkman

Tim has over twenty years’ experience in facilitating strategy, leadership, executive coaching communication skills training, coaching and consulting in sales and pitching and mindset for improving performance.

He was a founding member and worldwide board member of rogenSi and created their Asia division from Hong Kong in 2008 building the business to work across 14 countries.

Tim has worked with clients across several industry sectors including professional services, banking and finance, engineering and health. His focus is on ensuring each individual's needs are met and that long-term behavioural change is attained. He is regularly invited to be a guest speaker on how to develop a vision and translate that into bottom line result.

Tim’s experience in working with clients in the public healthcare space since 2009 include Eastern Health, SVHA and the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. His work has included designing and delivering Strategic Leadership Programs, Frontline Leadership Solutions, Talent Assessment Centres, designing Leadership Capability and Competency Frameworks as well as working on building high performing and effective teams across clinical and operational areas of public health.

Tim’s experience in working with clients in the private healthcare space include SVHA, The Mater, Calvary, Mercy Health, ICON, Ramsay Healthcare, Epworth and the Australian Red Cross. His work has included leadership solutions as described for the public health clients as well as team dynamics, ideal team member behaviours, development, leadership coaching and has co facilitated with SME’s on leading commercial outcomes and performance conversations.


  • Bachelor of Industrial Psychology
  • Accreditations:
  • Extraordinary Leader 360
  • Fortius Mindset 360 Assessment
  • KSPM Leader
  • KSPM Vision to results – Strategy
  • SHL OPQ32 Competency Assessment
  • SHL Personality Assessment
  • Facet 5 Assessment

Leesa Shannon

Leesa ShannonA seasoned strategy and leadership facilitator, business performance coach, and communications advisor, Leesa is passionate about inspiring people and driving business performance through strategy alignment, strong leadership, effective communication, mindset and behavioral change.

Leesa has spent the last 12 years consulting in four continents - to a vast array of organisations, including blue chip multinationals, start-ups, not for profit and high profile individuals. She focuses on the culture and competencies within organisations who want to grow or change direction, need to lobby government or change market perception.

She also has deep expertise in strategic communication, having spent over 10 years in a range of internal and external communication roles – specializing in message development, issues/crisis management, speech writing and communication/presentation coaching, which has led to working with many international C-Level executives and well recognized figures one-on-one.

Leesa is regularly invited to speak about topics such as Resilience and Mental Toughness, Women in Leadership, The Art of Communication, Influence, and Rapport. For the past 10 years, Leesa also advisors and coaches the State and National Australian of the Year award finalists and recipients.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Communication), Macquarie University
  • Zenger Folkman, Extraordinary Leader™ Accreditation
  • Fortius Mindset™ Accreditation

Geoff Mulray

Geoff Mulray

Geoff has been delivering high level executive coaching and business communication skills based programs internationally for over 20 years.

He has trained senior executives around the world as well as high profile individuals and teams including the Wallabies and the Australian Cricket team. Beyond this, Geoff has been involved in devising and creating cutting edge new coaching programs including Presentation Mastery and a new Corporate Story Telling program for senior executives.

He has held senior roles in sales, marketing and general management at organisations including 2MMM (Sydney’s leading commercial radio station), Mattingly Advertising and Rogen International and has consulted extensively to corporations both in Australia and internationally.

Geoff brings a huge depth of global experience across numerous industry sectors.


  • Certificate of Marketing, University of N.S.W
  • Acting qualification from Ensemble theatre
  • Hay Group Accreditation:
    • Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI)
    • Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS)
    • Organizational Climate Survey (OCS)

Annette Charak

Annette Charak

Annette has spent most of her professional life improving other people’s written communication, whether editing legal and business documents or training lawyers and other professionals to write better.

After completing her BA and LLB, Annette qualified as a lawyer. Keen to travel, she then moved to London, where she worked in legal publishing for several years. Always passionate about a well-written document and its importance in communication, Annette was hired by Allen & Overy in Brussels to improve the English communication of the lawyers there. Training lawyers to write better in the first place, as well as editing their documents, was central to Annette’s role.

Since returning to Australia in 2005, Annette has run her own consultancy, building training programs in written communication for a range of legal and non-legal clients. Annette’s strong personal reputation is built on her ability to work with clients with diverse skill levels, her flexibility in meeting her clients’ needs, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. In May 2012, Annette joined the Victorian Bar, where she is building a practice in commercial, tax and administrative law.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Melbourne
  • Master of Tax, University of Melbourne (part-way through)

Justin O'Brien

Justin has been coaching senior executives for over 13 years. He focusses on increasing people’s capacity to solve business problems through skill based and neurological coaching techniques. Through this approach he assists clients to build teams that are capable of continuous and safe high performance, ensuring ROI targets are met.

Justin’s extensive business development and sales background enables him provide practical and effective advice on high stakes pitches. He will work with sales leaders and teams to craft their sales messaging, develop their tender responses and coach them on presenting to selection panels. He will also leave clients with a method that can be replicated for the next major sale.

Just as sporting professionals have coaches organisational leaders also need coaches to ensure they perform at their peak. Justin uses solutions-orientated coaching techniques combined with heart rate variability analysis to assist in achieving peak performance.

Justin has many years’ experience as a presentations coach. He works closely with individuals and groups at two levels. Firstly, to develop content that drives action, persuades and achieves the presenter’s objective. Secondly, to build the individual’s impact through intensive coaching on delivery skills, while ensuring the presenter’s authenticity.

Prior to entering the field of professional development and coaching, Justin worked in a variety of senior sales, marketing and management roles with notable multinational companies for a period of 13 years.


  • Advanced Diploma in Solutions Oriented Coaching
  • Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) Certification
  • Qualified to administer Strength Deployment Inventory®
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Tasmania

True Black

True Black

True Black has worked as a trainer and executive coach since 2005. He is a partner with Red Sky and a principal with True Development, a training, coaching, and consulting company based in Taipei, Taiwan, which also serves as Red Sky’s Asia Pacific office.

True develops and delivers talent and leadership development programs around the world, with a particular focus on greater China. His training and coaching work covers a broad range of subjects, with a particular focus on leadership, innovation, sales, and influencing skills programs. Recent projects include a series of influence and motivation programs for multi-cultural groups of leaders; a two-day creative problem solving facilitation for a senior executive group; a coaching and training program focused on developing a culture of innovation at a semiconductor design company; and an intercultural conflict management program for a group of senior engineers from China and Korea. True’s clients include Microsoft, TE Connectivity, SAP, JP Morgan, UBS, DBS, Oracle, GMAC, Zurich Financial, Schaeffler, and Bayer.

Feedback from participants in True’s programs centre on the applicability of the training to their work, and the level of engagement they felt during the training program.

True is well known for his energy and humour, as well as his ability to ask questions of and understand participants and cutting to the core of their problems quickly.


  • B.A., Chinese Literature, Brigham Young University
  • Master of International Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Vijay Bhat

Vijay Bhat

For the last 10 years, Vijay has specialised in strategic consulting, leadership development, training, group/ individual coaching and facilitation.

Vijay helps his clients to navigate through major life transitions, both personal/professional and organisational. The core of his approach is that deep self-awareness is the necessary first step for lasting behavioural change.

Previously, Vijay spent 21 years with Ogilvy & Mather in various leadership positions. He has lived in Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, London, and Hong Kong, working with major corporations and leading brands around the world. His last assignment was on Ogilvy’s Asia-Pacific Board as Regional Strategy Director, overseeing Corporate Strategy, Account Planning and Training/Talent Development for 20 countries across Asia.

Based on his personal encounter with cancer in 2001, Vijay (along with his wife, Nilima) have pioneered the field of ‘Cancer Coaching’ in India. They conduct group retreats and provide psycho-spiritual support for people recovering from the disease. Their book, My Cancer Is Me: The Journey from Illness to Wholeness has recently been published by Hay House.

Vijay is regularly featured in the Indian media – print, broadcast and online – and invited to be a keynote speaker.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Mumbai
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Advertising & Marketing, Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, Xavier Institute of Management, Mumbai
  • Certified practitioner:
    • Neurolinguistic Programming: NLP Institute, New York
    • Enneagram: Enneagram Institute, New York
    • Executive Coaching: PeoplePlus Consulting, Hong Kong

Hank Fieger

Hank Fieger

Hank Fieger is a professional observer of human behaviour. He began his career in the training and development field in 1976, when he was trained as a coach by Timothy Gallwey, acclaimed author of The Inner Game of Tennis, helping him to develop a staff of trainers.

Hank has worked with many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies in over 20 countries. He has developed a specialty in Behavioural Executive Coaching, Team Building, Executive Presentation Skills, and Leadership Communication Skills, using a model of open and honest communication. By combining his knowledge in both the fields of business and psychology, he found that he could help others in the required skills of “people management”, and leadership. He especially enjoys working with executives who have strong technical or financial backgrounds.

He is the author of the book, Behavior Change…A View From the Inside Out, published by Morgan James Publishing.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Business Administration), Moravian College
  • Associate Professor, EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain
  • Visiting Professor, TEC de Monterrey, Cuernavaca, Mexico

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