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Claire Vanderstoel

Claire is a passionate driver of strategy, culture and problem solving.  With over 20 years working within Consumer Insight and Brand Marketing Divisions, managing projects, brands and people, she is an expert at listening, understanding, helping find solutions and developing plans to unlock potential.

Over the years Claire has built extensive experience in strategic thinking, whether that be for the future growth of a brand, to improve business culture, or to optimize organizational structure and process to deliver results. She also excels at facilitating brainstorm sessions and creating Business Plans tailored to the relevant audience, to obtain approval and alignment across key stakeholders.

Still working in Industry leading a high performance Marketing Division, and as part of the Company Leadership Team, Claire fully understands the everyday challenges that businesses and brands face.

At times being close to the personal or business challenge that you face, it can prove difficult to find the solution. As an impartial listener and advisor, Claire can assist with getting to the core of the situation, to help you put a strategic plan in place to drive your business, brand or team forward.


  • Bachelor of Arts: European Business
  • CCL Leadership Development Certification
  • CCL Leading Leaders Certification
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