How We Work


”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Over the years we’ve discovered that the most effective way to apply knowledge, change behaviour and maintain that change is to keep things simple.

Simplicity doesn’t mean “simplistic”. It’s about taking complex concepts, theories and models and translating them into highly practical and easy-to-apply skills and techniques. Companies and organisations can be complex environments. From a skill development perspective, it’s vital that we strip away complexity in the learning and engage the group, team or individual. This enables us to compel behaviour change that sticks and delivers results.

A Blended Approach to Save Time and Maximise Impact

We understand that most learning is best achieved over a longer term, rather than the traditional 1 or 2 day programs. We always seek to partner with our clients to deeply understand the overall objectives, and the individual needs, to design a solution that fits your world.

Red Sky’s programs are flexible, multi-faceted, and incorporate a variety of experiences to engage all learning styles.

Through our exploration of your situation, we incorporate any tools, programs, or frameworks that you have found successful. In addition, some of the elements that we use in our program design are as follows:
  • Face-2-Face Sessions*: To date, there is no replacement for the learning experience that can be achieved in person. We maximise the time in these sessions by ensuring we are totally focussed on the practical application of ideas and skills, through discussion and interactive exercises. Please note: We offer the option to conduct F-2-F sessions over video conference if the situation requires. * During COVID-19 all F-2-F sessions are being run via VC.
  • Red Sky Online: Comprehensive learning modules covering a wide range of topics from our suite of Communication and Leadership programs. The flexible and on-demand delivery of the theoretical content before the F-2-F sessions is the way we are able to focus on the practical application in person, rather than spending time lecturing.
  • Webinars: For large groups we also conduct live Webinars with hand-picked panels on selected topics. These Webinars can be recorded so they can be shared with team members.
  • Red Sky Resource Bank: To complement the formal learning, participants have access to a curated list of videos including TED talks and articles on topics relating to the program(s) they are attending. The Resource Bank is updated regularly and items are chosen in light of what emerges during the discovery phase and subsequent sessions.